your resale rights explained

Understanding Resale Rights – They’re Not All The Same.

Ebook or digital products are generally sold with Personal rights, Resale Rights (RR), Master Resale Rights (MRR) or Private Resale Rights (PLR). But what exactly do those mean?

In simple terms it means the creator or author of your digital product is granting you, the buyer, certain rights. They may be personal (for your use only) or as a reseller (RR, MRR, PLR). Each group of rights is different and what you can (or cannot) do within each group can vary from product to product.

In other words, one size doesn’t fill all products.

It’s really important for marketers as well as those buying products to understand that such terms do not have a blank definition that works in all cases.    Read the article » “Understanding Resale Rights – They’re Not All The Same.”