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Creative Writing And Copy To Convert The Four Major Personality Types

There are many ways to influence behavior through creative advertising, but today I’d like to discuss your sales copy and content writing with respect to the four(4) productivity personality types.

Most experts agree that all people can be categorized into 4 personality types, and today, we will specifically look at writing content and creating ads which speak directly to each of these personality types.

This is about speaking to the personality types in a manner that will elicit a favorable response.
In this post I mention answering specific questions to reach all for types in your creative advertising copy, however, if you know your audience is one specific personality type – than Write To That Personality Type Specifically. You don’t want to alienate your specific market by writing to all the personality types, but I’ll discuss this in a different blog post on identifying and knowing your market.

You will hopefully learn how to influence behavior by crafting ad copy whose message people can relate to. This writing exercise can be used not only in your advertising but also in any content writing you may do, including articles.

Remember, you’re not manipulating people, nor trying to manipulate people. This is about speaking in a way so people reading your message are receptive and fully understand what you’re trying to say. The prospective buyer ultimately decides to buy or not buy based upon the information presented.

The key is how the message is related and presented to your visitor or potential customer.

By answering 4 simple questions, you can reach 90% of your market audience with a message that will give them the information they need get your message across to them. You will be influencing behavior through this writing technique.

But before we delve into the 4 questions you need to answer, and the proper sequence in answering, let’s explore a little background on the subject of the 4 personality types.

The core principles are based on a learning behavior theory developed by David Kolb in 1984. Kolb believes that people learn and process information in different ways according to the 4 basic personality types they may fall into.

There are 16 personality types according to the Myers-Briggs personality groups, but it is believed that when selling, there are 4 personality types to influence. And doing this will reach 90% of the people who read your ad copy and sales message.

These philosophical theories go back over a century and are rooted in studies done by Carl Jung and others. I’m not going to discuss the history in detail, but you should have a basic understanding of the personality types most people fall into in order to write and present your advertising copy in a way they can relate.

A side note here is probably needed:
When I say “sales copy” or “ad copy”, I am referring to any advertising writing, whether it be video, the written word, the spoken language, or a combination of communication methods. Pretty much, anything you are creating – whether it be a sales letter or something different.

So what are the 4 personality types?

The 4 personality types have been called many different things over the years.

Internet marketer Michael Koenig uses the terms, Sales Personality, Scholastic Personality, Technical Personality and Advocate Personality. I prefer the more traditional names of Socializers, Relaters, Analytics and Directors.

What you call the personality types isn’t important.

What is important is the method in which each personality type learns and processes information. This is the key to writing or presenting your advertising ideas.

The Socializer, or Sales Personality, wants to know why they should buy your product. For these personality types the message needs to be geared toward benefits. “Why should I buy your product?’ ‘What benefit will it have for me?’

The Relaters or Scholastic Personality wants to know ‘What will this product do?’ ‘What does this product accomplish?’

The Analytics or Technical Personality types want to know ‘How does this product do what you claim?’ They are analytical and want to figure out “How does it do what it does?”

The Directors or Advocate Personality want to know ‘Besides what you claim, how can I use this for other unrelated purposes?’ They want to explore how to use the product in ways not typically used to further benefit themselves or others.

So the 4 questions you want to answer are:

1) Why is this product good? (Or what are the benefits?)
2) What is this product good for? (What will it accomplish?)
3) How does it work? (How does it do what you claim?)
4) What can I do with this product? (What if I used it for another purpose?)

If you construct your advertising ideas to answer these 4 questions you will reach a large segment of any market that you are trying to reach.

Too often, people only answer one or two of these questions in their message and thus eliminate the possibility of reaching the maximum number of people that could be reached.

For example, lets say you have a list of bullet points. Answer each of those 4  questions within your list of bullet points. You could even use a video to answer all four questions so no stone is left unturned.

To get the most out of the concept of content writing and influencing behavior, use the answers in every part of your sales message, sales copy or ad copy.
Use the answers you come up with in your articles, headlines, sub-headlines, bullet points, and in the closing call to action

Using answers to these four questions in the closing call to action is very important because that is the last message they will read or hear from you, and you want to remind them they should buy this product (or take whatever your call to action is)  from you right now.

Lastly,  you should present the answers in the following order: Why? What? How? and What If?

As you become more proficient in crafting your content writing and creative advertising copy (a.k.a. “writing for money”) to reach the 4 basic personality types, your profits and conversions as well as your ability to influence behavior, will increase.

To your success,


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