Improving Your Content Through Copyscape

Copyscape is a free duplicate content and plagiarism checker software and website. Although their premium version is more comprehensive, I’m just speaking about their free version that resides on their web site today. Specifically how you can use there “checker” to improve the quality of your content and check to see if anyone is using your content who shouldn’t be using it.

People have used Copyscape for ages to make sure others aren’t stealing their content, but I’d like to put a little twist on what Copyscape can do to improve your rankings in the Google search engine, and ultimately improve your blog and content material.    Read the article » “Improving Your Content Through Copyscape”


Persistence Pays Off With Internet Marketing

According to the keyword tool found at the keyword “make money online” gets approximately 74,000 searches per month. The keyword “affiliate marketing” has about 49,000 searches per month and yet statistically over 90% of people never make money as affiliates. Why is this? In one word, persistence.

Before you start wondering what these numbers have to do with the topic persistence and / or Internet marketing, bear with me a bit, it will become clearer once I get deeper into this blog post. The search numbers really aren’t the key with regard to this topic of persistence.

I know that may seem like an odd introduction, but success in Internet marketing really is all about persistence.    Read the article » “Persistence Pays Off With Internet Marketing”

Writing for Personalities

Creative Writing And Copy To Convert The Four Major Personality Types

There are many ways to influence behavior through creative advertising, but today I’d like to discuss your sales copy and content writing with respect to the four(4) productivity personality types.

Most experts agree that all people can be categorized into 4 personality types, and today, we will specifically look at writing content and creating ads which speak directly to each of these personality types.

This is about speaking to the personality types in a manner that will elicit a favorable response.    Read the article » “Creative Writing And Copy To Convert The Four Major Personality Types”

Wordpress Updates

Why You Want To Disable Automatic WordPress Updates

This article is going to show you how to turn off WordPress sites automatic updates and do them manually. As a marketer on the Internet I’ve had sites being broken or failing due to a WordPress updates and that can be extremely costly to a Internet business.

While there are many reasons to stop automatic updates let me first stress I’m not telling you to disable updates completely or not update your WordPress installation at all – I’m merely telling you to do them manually instead of letting WordPress do them automatically.    Read the article » “Why You Want To Disable Automatic WordPress Updates”

the pomodoro method

The Pomodoro Technique: How To Manage Time Effectively

Do you feel like you’re not accomplishing as much as you could? If so, then you may be interested to learn the Pomodoro Technique, a powerful time management formula that I believe can improve your productivity.

The Pomodoro Method was developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s as a way to eliminate procrastination, enhance focus, and ultimately get more done in a given period of time. It takes a little practice to change your habits, but don’t be discouraged. Once you get used to applying the methods, the payoff can be worth it.    Read the article » “The Pomodoro Technique: How To Manage Time Effectively”

email delivery

7 Email Marketing Delivery Tips.

A robust email list is a valuable asset. In fact, it could be the most valuable online asset your business has. Nurturing and cultivating a responsive list is crucial to online emailing success.

Today I’m going to discuss 7 ways to improve your autoresponder email campaigns by exploring how email messages are received and how to get the best response from your readers.    Read the article » “7 Email Marketing Delivery Tips.”